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Dr. Patricia "Patti" Wilhite McCartney, JD, BCND, DAN, HHP,MH,CI,LEHP,CCWC

Meet Dr. Patti
The Lawyer-Doctor

Dr. Patti discovered the value of holistic health based upon her own "pain to purpose" journey, when she suffered life sculpting injuries as a college student, including the loss of her left hand. This journey  eventually left her to obtaining her Doctor of Naturopathy, Doctor of Animal  Naturopathy, and several certifications, including Master Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Wellness Coach certifications and board certification.

As  licensed Texas attorney for more than 20 years, Dr. Patti understands the stressful demands and hectic pace that comes with navigating a legal practice. 


Dr. Patti is the author of "Lawyers With Legacies", and her articles have been featured in various professional publications, and is a nationally recognized CLE Presenter.  Dr. Patti's personal story has also been featured on the local news,  and in national magazines.

As the founder of Inspired Counsel, Dr. Patti has combined her love of being a lawyer and her passion for evidence based lifestyle wellness services. By incorporating holistic health principles, and wellness coaching strategies Dr. Patti assists lawyers m and their families achieve personal and professional wellness.

Dr. Patti enjoys spending jer leisure time with her husband Scott, her dogs, Noble Madeleine and sharing her love of all thing herbal with her French mother.