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Dr. Patricia Wilhite McCartney,  JD.ND,DAN.HHP.MH


Holistic Health and Wellness
for the Legal Profession
was founded by Dr. Patricia
"Patti" Wilhite McCartney, and is designed
to assist lawyers achieve their best lives,
both personally and professionally.

Programs and Protocols

Wellness is a journey  and each day we can choose to travel a path that leads us closer to our destination.. We have the power to make the changes necessary to live happier, healthier lives. Just as when our car's check engine" light came on, we don't simply fill up the gas tank, expecting that to resolve the issue, as lawyers, we can't ignore our internal "check engine" warnings for our  own health and wellness. At Inspired Counsel and, we offer programs and protocols that are specifically developed for lawyers to help promote greater balance in our personal and professional lives.

Lawyer Wellness CLE

Beautiful Nature

Dr. Patti offers CLE programs that offer unique insights to the biology of stress, anxiety and depression. By addressing these physiological triggers, many conditions and diseases can be managed and prevented.

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Stress Reduction

The world is a stressful place, leaving many in our profession feeling as if living om a knife's edge. Dr. Patti offers consultations to assist lawyers and firms address and remove underlying stressors to hel them succeed and thrive.

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Root Cause Care

Herb Garden

Dr. Patti offers monthly Root Cause Care subscriptions that offer natural health remedies, which are completely safe and non-habit forming. Each subscription is customized according to each attorney's individual needs.

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